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Probably most of you are aware of the ill-fated Ultima X: Odyssey project that was never released, yet the music survived and only several copies of the CD soundtrack were made for a team staff by the composer himself. The orchestra was recorded in Bastyr Chapel in Seattle, Washington. A small portion (roughly 6 pieces of the original 33) of the musical pieces were later released as part of the online game for Lord of Ultima.  This score provides a unique look into what Ultima X: Odyssey would have been like.


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I’ve gathered here 10 amazing ambient tracks from the World of WarCraft expansion composed by the one and only Matt Uelmen. I also did this custom cover art.

  • Composed by: Matt Uelmen
  • Get the MP3


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Torchlight 2

Finally! Matt Uelmen is one of my favorite composers and I was looking forward to this soundtrack, I have to say it is bloody amazing!

EDIT: Runic has officially released the digital version of the soundtrack for free, get it from here.

As I reminder, if someone is selling the Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction Original Soundtrack CD, let me know, I’ll pay good money for it!

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The Tone Rebellion

The offical soundtrack of The Tone Rebellion (called Leviathan in some countries) which was released 1997 by Logic Factory, Inc.

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Hexen 2: Portal of Praevus

Great music from the Hexen 2 mission pack.

  • Composed by: Kevin Schilder
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Sweeping melodies were combined to form a backdrop of musical discord which created the strange, tortured feeling of ‘Claw Mountain‘.The music tor the game’s villain needed to be foreboding and sinister. Strings and minor chords became the basis for Belial’s theme. ‘Huline Jungle’s‘ tribal sound was composed by recording chants and authentic ethnic instruments. The result immerses the listener in the lush vibrant sounds of the woodlands. The inspiration for ‘The Draracle Halls’ came from scraping heavy chains along the recording studio floor. The sounds would later serve as the song’s drum track.

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Lands of Lore: Throne of Chaos

Very nice tunes in this classic RPG from the defunct Westwood Studios, interesting to listen to one of Klepacki’s early works and to be amazed of the variety of styles and sounds he covers with this one, even the very short single-event tunes are well done. These tunes really carry atmosphere and emotion and could have been used very well to score a movie.

  • Composed by: Frank Klepacki, Paul S. Mudra, Dwight K. Okahara
  • Get the MIDI
  • Get the MP3

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