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Probably most of you are aware of the ill-fated Ultima X: Odyssey project that was never released, yet the music survived and only several copies of the CD soundtrack were made for a team staff by the composer himself. The orchestra was recorded in Bastyr Chapel in Seattle, Washington. A small portion (roughly 6 pieces of the original 33) of the musical pieces were later released as part of the online game for Lord of Ultima.  This score provides a unique look into what Ultima X: Odyssey would have been like.


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I’ve gathered here 10 amazing ambient tracks from the World of WarCraft expansion composed by the one and only Matt Uelmen. I also did this custom cover art.

  • Composed by: Matt Uelmen
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Torchlight 2

Finally! Matt Uelmen is one of my favorite composers and I was looking forward to this soundtrack, I have to say it is bloody amazing!

EDIT: Runic has officially released the digital version of the soundtrack for free, get it from here.

As I reminder, if someone is selling the Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction Original Soundtrack CD, let me know, I’ll pay good money for it!

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  • Composed by: Inon Zur
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Very nice old school fantasy soundtrack.

  • Composed by: Patrick Phelan
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The Tone Rebellion

The offical soundtrack of The Tone Rebellion (called Leviathan in some countries) which was released 1997 by Logic Factory, Inc.

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Even if the game is rather old, this is a very nice dark, eerie soundtrack.

  • Composed by: Matthias Steinwachs
  • Get the MP3 ( part1 & part2 )

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