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Game soundtracks on Bandcamp

Here’s a list of notable game soundtracks available on Bandcamp, the list will be updated as I discover more. Enjoy!

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I’ve been waiting for this for a very loooong time and finally here it is: the Child of Karras‘ version of the Thief 2 Soundtrack. Just like the soundtrack for Thief 1 Gold it’s available in both one gap-less mp3 including cue-sheet (for Foobar2000 or Nero) as well as single mp3s. Enjoy this amazingly dark and moody soundtrack! I also created custom hi-res cover art for you to download here.

Thief 2

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Diablo Soundtrack Collection

Finally, the time of the year when I listen a lot to the whole Diablo series soundtracks has come, I find winter the best for this kind of music, maybe it reminds me of the days I lay my hands first time on this game, it was one of my first games on PC so Diablo will always have a special place in my heart. The music is fantastic and disturbing in the same time but in a good way.

Matt Uelmen created hauntingly dark and at times claustrophobic soundtracks, that are perfectly matched to the on-screen action. For those of you who played the games, this soundtracks will hold a special place in your heart from the opening of the first few notes. This is one hell of a masterpiece. Enjoy!

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Eric Brosius returns with this dark ambient soundtrack for the third instalment of Thief series. I created this custom Thief Deadly Shadows soundtrack covers set. You can download the PSD files at 300 DPI and print them from here.

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 Exciting news for Thief music lovers or fans of Eric Brosius’s work. The Thief: The Dark Project & Gold “Official” Soundtrack by Child of Karras a.k.a. JayB has been finished.
This 110MB file contains our soundtrack for Thief: The Dark Project Gold. It is app. 81 minutes long and so barely fits on a CD. It contains tracks for all the missions plus a few tracks from the cutscenes where there was interesting music and we were able to extract Garrett’s voice from.

Read more about this here.

  •  Composed by Eric Brosius
  •  Arranged by Child of Karras a.k.a. JayB
  • Get the MP3 here: ThiefTheCircle

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Icewind Dale Soundtrack Anthology

Icewind Dale Soundtrack Anthology

The Christmas special is here! Being such a big fan of Icewind Dale’s soundtrack, i played with Photoshop and created my custom set design -) I didn’t draw anything from there, just re-aranged/remixed some promotional game pictures found on the internet. This 3-disc set is supposed to be put in these 3-disc DVD cases, or similar cases. I hope you like it and enjoy!

Icewind Dale music review
Icewind Dale II music review

Buy (game + OST) from GoG.com

What is included:
– Icewind Dale Soundtrack Anthology hi-res covers, labels and booklet
– Icewind Dale Soundtrack (FLAC)
– Icewind Dale Heart of Winter Soundtrack (MP3)
– Icewind Dale II Soundtrack (FLAC)

  • Composed by Jeremy Soule
  • Get the 600Mb IWD Athology split in rar archives here:
  1. part1 [rapidshare]
  2. part2 [rapidshare]
  3. part3 [rapidshare]
  4. part4 [rapidshare]
  5. part5 [rapidshare]
  6. part6 [rapidshare]
  7. part7 [rapidshare]
  • Get the covers only from here: [rapidshare]
  • Listen the whole soundtrack online here!
  • Score Guide here

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Because the music from this trilogy is one of the best ever composed, I’ve decided to create a nice looking set for all those soundtracks, containing all Realms of Arkania soundtracks + cover, labels and booklet. This 4-disc set is supposed to be put in these 4-disc-cases, or similar DVD cases.
> Click here to download the Hi-Res images, i hope you like this )

> Realms of Arkania 1: Blade of Destiny Soundtrackpart1 , part2 .
> Realms of Arkania 2: Star Trail Soundtrackpart1 , part2 , part 3 .
> Realms of Arkania 3: Shadows over Riva Soundtrack part1 , part2.


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