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Probably most of you are aware of the ill-fated Ultima X: Odyssey project that was never released, yet the music survived and only several copies of the CD soundtrack were made for a team staff by the composer himself. The orchestra was recorded in Bastyr Chapel in Seattle, Washington. A small portion (roughly 6 pieces of the original 33) of the musical pieces were later released as part of the online game for Lord of Ultima.  This score provides a unique look into what Ultima X: Odyssey would have been like.


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I’ve gathered here 10 amazing ambient tracks from the World of WarCraft expansion composed by the one and only Matt Uelmen. I also did this custom cover art.

  • Composed by: Matt Uelmen
  • Get the MP3


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Red Dead Redemption

Bill Elm & Woody Jackson’s score to Red Dead Redemption can be labeled as if Ennio Morricone’s music had a baby with Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ music and it was raised by Quentin Tarantino. It’s terrific even if a bit repetitive. This soundtrack would stand on its own as a very powerful accompaniment to any Hollywood film, but the fact it is supporting Red Dead Redemption only goes to show the level of artistic expression that video games now possess.

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‘The Rise of the Godslayer’ soundtrack is the long awaited sequel to ‘Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures’ and again features a soundtrack by composer Avenstroup Haugen. Now released as an audio CD with a bonus DVD, the entire soundtrack was composed, orchestrated and produced by Avenstroup Haugen. The delicious Far Eastern score features the distinguished Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition to the soundtrack CD, the exclusive soundtrack package includes a DVD with the original 5.1 surround mix of the music – including bonus tracks – playable on home theatre- or other surround systems. Each track of the surround score is accompanied by a slideshow, featuring original concept art from Rise of the Godslayer.

The quality of this OST and packaging is very good, I’ll upload the MP3 files later this year and until then I encourage you to buy this soundtrack from here!

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MYTH: The Fallen Lords

For those of you who enjoy ambience and mysterious moods the Myth soundtrack may be for you. The songs have an airy depth to them and shift between mystical and dark moods, making use of strings and simple arrangements.

This is definetly one of my favourite albums, the music delivers the epic story of the game. Soundtracks like this are a testament to the gravity of music in games and interactive entertainment in general.


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