Very nice old school fantasy soundtrack.

  • Composed by: Patrick Phelan
  • Get the MP3

The Tone Rebellion

The offical soundtrack of The Tone Rebellion (called Leviathan in some countries) which was released 1997 by Logic Factory, Inc.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Available through DirectSong, the four-disc set is a fantastic collector’s item for fans of The Elder Scrolls. The compilation will begin shipping the week after the game’s release. As a bonus to anyone that orders by December 23rd, copies of the soundtrack will be personally autographed by the game’s composer, Jeremy Soule!


Even if the game is rather old, this is a very nice dark, eerie soundtrack.

  • Composed by: Matthias Steinwachs
  • Get the MP3 ( part1 & part2 )

Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain

One of the best soundtracks and also one of many normally unreachable in good quality, this is the 128kbps game rip.

  • Composed by: Steve Henifin
  • Get the MP3

Game soundtracks on Bandcamp

Here’s a list of notable game soundtracks available on Bandcamp, the list will be updated as I discover more. Enjoy!


I’ve been waiting for this game for way too many years, but now it is finally available on Steam and the soundtrack is on Bandcamp! I just LOVE the ultra-minimal score, its a mixture of “natural” (water-drops, wind, etc.) and industrial (cogs turnining, hammers, etc). Go get it now!